Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday 24th Aug - Filmmaking Updates

So there has been a lot of exciting stuff happening for us recently that I haven't got round to blogging.

Rog and my Gingerbread film was shortlisted for the Film4 Scene Stealer competition. The results were released today, sadly we didn't win but getting shortlisted was good enough for us as the standard of entries was really high. The winner was a very deserving one, a very unique recreation of a This Is England scene. Unfortunately youtube won't let me embed it but you can have a look at all the winners and runner ups over on the Film4 blog:

Secondly, I bought a new camera lens! Woop! (I'll have to post test shots at some point). It's a super wide angle Tokina 11-16mm and it came in very handy for the next thing I'm about to talk about. Yes...another film competition!

Last weekend Rog and I entered a competition by Still Motion called 'Big Shorts'. The brief was to create a 60 second film using a supplied track along with the strict use of ambient/natural sounds to enhance your story. Here is what we produced:

Last night winners were announced but because StillMotion are based somewhere over in America the live link announcing it was at 2am and I slept right through it! So I have no idea how we've done or if we've won anything at all. But either way we've had a lot of fun making these short films recently and will continue to do so :)

If you'd like to read more about how we made out latest short you can read an article over on Rog's blog.

Also feel free to leave comments/feedback/ask questions on any of our films or on here.

Love Casey


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