Friday, 30 July 2010

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


To my Dad, Dario, Dario's dad and my dog! Lotsa birthdays today! x

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Secret snake on youtube

if you haven't seen this yet, try it.

Á la mode

After some obvious observations, I have noticed it doesn't take a trend spotter to pick up on the fashion tips of 2010. But to make it easier for you boys and girls, I have broke it down for ya so that pretty much anyone can fit in. Simples.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


The music to the title sequence of Stanley Kubrick's "A Space Odyessey" played by a local school orchestra. Made me cry laughing!


So I'm enjoying my brief time in London purely because of good company. Saw John Snow in the Salvation Army headquarters café. Chilled with him for a bit. Joke! Did have a prime spot to drop an apple on his head from a balcony above, would of made a sweet picture but I was too much of a faggit, he scares me.

Went to the Tate after as I hadn't been in a good few years. Was cool to see paintings I've always liked in the flesh. I expected Dali's Narcissus painting to be much bigger. Fell asleep on the grass outside that for like an hour. Bussed it to Clapham Green or wherever, met Charlottes friend, ate a tasty burger, bussed it some more to Peckham Plex and bought tickets to Toy Story 3 in 3d! While we were waiting we got let into this carpark/gallery where we stood on the roof, drank beer, admired the view of London and watched how our spit fell off the side.

Toy Story was ace!!! Didn't expect it to be that good but everyone in the cinema was laughing, it was even a tad emotional at the end and it even got a little applause!

Had a really nice day yesterday and looking forward to today :)


Monday, 19 July 2010

Music to my ears

Part of the beautiful music from Spike Jonzes, 'I'm Here.'


Who wants to come to my dinner party?

~Une entrée~

Swan soup served in a tortoise shell

~Le Plat Principal~


~Le Dessert~


Guess what!?

This isn't a depressing post about my feelings, instead it's a super happy, no longer hungover, amazing review of Saturday night! Just to rub it in :P (I also got a placement today which has cheered me up!)

Right. Where to start. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Ha. was one of the best events I have been to. And that says something. For yous who don't know what I'm talking about, I had free tickets to the Creators Project. Tom Wood and Dario also managed to get some plus 1s so it was a good, bloody crowd of us. It was at Victoria house in London and the day consisted of lots of arty installations, etc and a sweet party at the night. I really can't be bothered to go in depth about what it was because I'd be here for ages but if you're interested check out the Creators Project site.

So when we got there in the day we were greeted by an electronic, percussion machine/sculpture called Felix's machine in the reception. It was playing some 'melodic genius robot music' as Dario likes to describe it. It sounded like an upbeat, hiphop version of explosions to me but I LOVED IT. First impressions. Good start. As we went around the maze-like venue even more you could just 'feel' it was going to be a crazy night.

The first thing we did was watch Spike Jonzes new film, I'm Here. In short, it's a love story between two robots. I loved the concept and how it was filmed but it made me a little sad, in a good way of course, but made me wish a robot would give me his body. (that sounds weird if you haven't seen the movie!) I also went into this room after watching it and had to answer 3 questions about the film which I really hope don't get put in the documentary because I was all awkward on camera!

The rest of the venue was filled with other fun installations, I'm sorry I really can't go in to depth I would be here forever but there was an indoor forest, a pyramid that scanned your face and projected a live 3d version of it in somewhere crazy like Beijing or something, a free photobooth oh and FREE DRINKS. All night. I don't think Dario could quite believe it when he went up to the bar and asked for 12 black bulls or whatever and they were like, sure, here you go. Amaaazzinnnggg. Also, Peaches, Marc Ronson, Kele from Bloc Party, Tinchy Stryder.

Another highlight, because the night was sponsored by Intel they had laptops around where people could go on the Creators site etc. These were positioned near the bar and next to the queue for the photobooth. I had the genius idea of directing every laptop to chat roulette. I'm sure you can imagine the fun in that. Wanking Iranian men greeted by a sweet crowd of partying people.

Right. That's all your getting. Check both of these videos out. Peace and love. Thankyou Creators for a sick, sick night. I heart Carlton Banks. Haa!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Creators Project


I cannot believe it was free drinks all night and they didn't run out.

A better update to come when I feel better.


Monday, 12 July 2010


Gutted Dad

Petrol in a diesel. waa waaaah


I haven't blogged anything good for a while. In fact, I haven't blogged ANYTHING in a while. But today I remembered something that got me inspired many years ago. And it made me happy again. On Saturday I shall be attending the Creators Project and I'm rather lookin forward to it now, especially when I'm going with 3 of my favourite friends. I'm looking forward to Onedotzero, United Visual Artists, Kele from Bloc Party and Spike Jonze!

Spike Jonze got me thinking about my favourite skate film he helped produce: Super Champion Funzone. I know he's made other amazing skate vids but the reason why I love SCFZ is because it makes you want to live! It's so inspirational and the Fourstar team are sick. It's the reason why I love the Gonz so much. I've watched it over and over but then I kind of forgot it and forgot how it changed my life. So I'm gonna dig it out and watch it and fall in love with it all over again. And if you HAVE seen it and don't rate it, well then you're just heartless.