Thursday, 30 June 2011

Winning work

Cannes Young Lions winning work from the Print category. The brief was to raise awareness of Pump Aid and mandatories included a direct debit form. I personally think silver and bronze have more impact but then again I can't see the copy on Australia's entry.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Found this site thanks to Becca Allen. Lots of fun!

Cannes Young Lions, Competition Day

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More Cannes

Monday, 27 June 2011

Au Revoir Cannes

It's amazing how euphoric you can feel at 36,000 feet, above the clouds as if looking down from heaven. Despite being sat behind a screaming child on my flight back to Birmingham, I put my headphones in and had perfect time to reflect the past 9 days. I was glad to be going home but also sad to be leaving Cannes. If it's your first time there you almost need a week to learn how Cannes works. And then another week to do it all over again. I have learnt so much and enjoyed every second of it. Not to mention meeting some amazing people and hopefully new friends. I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be at the creative centre of the universe for that one moment in time. Sir Ken Robinson made me fall in love with advertising again. Sarah Kay helped me remember what it was like to truly feel emotion. Patti Smith had me hanging on her every word and Sir John Hegarty brought it home how we should firmly be striving to be different. There is so much more to mention and on the plane I had it all written down. But sleep deprived and back to reality, it's hard for me to recreate that epiphany more than a day later in a blog post. I guess that's why I'm not the writer :) Cannes, I will miss you, I promise I will find a way to return next year! xxx

Friday, 24 June 2011


So tonight will be my last night in Cannes! :( The Ogilvy talk by Sir Ken Robinson yesterday was definitely the best one I have saw so far. Such a warm, funny man and so inspiring. Spent a lovely time on a yacht last night with the rest of the UK guys and met some other funny characters. Blagged ourselves into the German party haha. (Don't know how, they asked to see our business card which if you haven't seen is very ridiculous.) Sadly no getting into the Shots party. You can go if you subscribe to their magazine but subscription is like what...only a good grand or more. I'm sure it wasn't THAT good. Sadly ate a McDonalds. Again. French McDonalds is terrible! Anyway, I'm off to go watch the Grey and Patti Smith seminar followed by the BBH one. Should be good! MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PICS AND VIDEO UP SOON! XxxX

Daytime snaps @ Cannes

Young Lions party/SAY party @ Cannes (photos by Jenny Barton)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 6 in Cannes

Day 6 I hear you say? What happened to days 2,3,4 and 5? They're all captured across various cameras at the moment but I'll be posting videos up hopefully soon. Ok so let me give you a low down.

Saturday - Exploring. Given our Young Lions briefing at 5pm. Client was Pump Aid. They wanted us to create a print ad that would raise awareness of what they did and get people to donate money. They also said they wanted us to include a direct debit form on the ad. Oh and did I mention they'd really like it if we could redesign their logo too. Riiiiight. H'Ok. We also had an Adobe tutorial where the programme menus were in French so I couldn't keep up! From then onwards me and Jenny spent all night thinking of an idea getting very little sleep.

Sunday- Day of competition. After plenty of worrying, decide on our idea and arrive nice and early to get into the competition zone. Start the day off with a smoothie from the Youtube bar (you could have as many as you wanted and they were FREE!) Spend 12 hours glued to a mac. Print. Worry idea isn't simple enough. Annoyed at ourselves. (That's what Cannes makes you do. It makes you feel like your work is absolutely dreadful and to strive for better. It's a good thing.) Leave comp zone and head straight to meet the other UK teams and guys from The Guardian. Drink. Gutter Bar. Regret missing dinner.

Monday - Day of judging. Ask Jenny the time. Half 8. Fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkk. Jog to the Salle de Press complete with shades to hide eyes. Waiting around. Too hungover to get nervous. Get called into the press room. Surprised at how many international judges there are. Winners announced. Bronze, United Arab Emirates. Silver, Italy. Gold....Australia. Feel that sinking feeling that comes from losing when you're naturally competitive. Can't help but notice the winning work was very copy based despite advice given to us about keeping it visual because of the language barriers. Nevermind. We live and learn from our mistakes and now I only want to try harder. Spend rest of the day on the beach. Vitamin D seems to cure depression but leave with very painful sunburn after not putting on high enough suncream. Go for lovely stone baked pizza down the road. Sleep finally catches up on us so lamely have an early night :(

Tuesday - Happy I decided to have the early night. Attend my first ever Cannes seminar. It's a TED talk about 'The Meaning of the Connect Experience.' Last speaker, a poet called Sarah Kay manages to bring a tear to my eye. Completely off guard on that one but blown away that a seminar actually almost made me cry! Stay for Youtube seminar. Jenny takes part in a green screening remake of the Old spice ad. (See vid!)  Go to Young Lions Zone and watch a talk by guys from AMV BBDO. Go to Hill & Knowlton seminar called 'What Brands Can Learn from Angry Birds.' Very informative and funny! Go back to hotel, get ready. Eat amazing tapas. Go Young Lions Party. Meet everyone else. Go Friendly Fires party next beach along. Feel important walking into VIP :) Free drinks all night. Get wasted. Go Gutter Bar. Eat rum & raisin and bubble gum icecream. See a guy with the biggest bottle of wine I've ever saw in my life. Couple of feet high, no exaggerating. Someone walks into bottle. Smashes all over the pavement. Bedtime: 5am.

Wednesday - Completely oversleep. Feel terrible. Not that hungover but sunburn still kills. Really disappointed I missed the MoFilm seminar :( Plan to make up for it tomorrow.

My copywriter....

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 1 in Cannes

Slightly tipsy. Get briefed on our Young Lions competition tomorrow but it'll be finnnneeeee. She says. Here's a summary of our journey here.

Update numero uno

Don't know why I'm talking Spanish for, it's bloody France I'm heading and I don't know a single word of French! So I'm currently at Birmingham International airport with Jensoir drinking coffee and eating croissants (all preparation) whilst we wait to check in. God I hate waiting. Still not fully excited yet but I never get excited until moments before when I'm on the plane. Managed to remember everything (I think) although I'm worried I'm gonna have a Home Alone moment mid flight. ('Shhhhiiiiitttt Jennnnyyyy, we forgot Macaulay Culkin!') Right. I'm off to see how overweight my suitcase is. Au Revior. ?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

GOD DAMMNNNN this is good

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I'll most probably be posting lots of photos whilst on my Cannes Lions trip so if you happen to be on Instagram you can follow me by searching casey_hennessy. You can also follow my Cannes partner in crime, Jenny at jensoir. :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Puma After Hours Athlete London Party

Are you going to this? If not, you should be. If you know you'll be around the Queen of Hoxton on 14th June then sign up HERE for FREE entry, FREE drinks, FREE food, some amazing bands and games!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dog Doppelgangers!

I like this one!

D&AD 2010

My old Falmouth tutors. Taken off the D&AD new blood page. Aaaaw.

I want

this Obey rucksack.

Chip Shop Awards

So I went the Chip Shop Awards in London last night. I hadn't entered anything but being offered a free ticket I thought it'd be good to see what it was like. Not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed. I know it's just meant for a laugh and I'm all one for not taking myself too seriously especially compared to some pretentious advertising f**kers out there but it was just a bit....dull. I did have a fun time however and I'm glad I went but next time I'll just wait to see the results on the website. Creativity with no limits? Hmmm, OK. Hats off though, there was one piece that truly stood out. :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Random Iphone pics