Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I'm taking time off.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Floating head

Tim sent me this...He's also been showing me some cool music vids he's been doing.

T26, Emigre, House Industries...

I feel like a kid in a sweet shop...I'm actually allowed to BUY fonts at work for the design I'm doing.

'But it's like $150.'


Yippee! :)

Jason Shwartzman & Ipad

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Monday, 27 September 2010

We're not northeners, we're midlanders!

IRN BRU & CLUBS!!! And The Inbetweeners. Just caught Bev's (now ex) boyfriend out playing multiple girls and lying about him having a gf to bed them. Haaa! Then he shit himself when confronted and removed all forms of contact. What a pussy. Boys actually make me laugh.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter), aged 9 and signed to Jay Z's label.

London Fashion Weekend

was shit! What a pile of rubbish. Now I'm sure Fashion Week was much more exciting, I'm sure they didn't show the same trollop to the celabrrrities, but the stuff there was worse than market day down Nuneaton. There were a couple of good stands, I saw a lovely sheepskin coat that cost £250 but the majority was drab. Oh well, maybe all the good stuff had gone, I wouldn't know as didn't even stick around for the catwalk and just went shopping on Oxford Street instead! :) The goody bag from LFW was alright...included a sample of Chambord, Elizabeth Arden night cream, Label.M curl spray, a sharpie, some cereal? and a few other less memorable items. Ok so I won't be completely negative...the free Jacques cider was actually delicious and I might become a regular drinker from now on. But yes. Monday morning reviews. Tea ONE sugar. I'm cutting down. Rain & Optimism.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Good & Evil trailer (old skool)

I stumbled on this whilst 'researching' at work and it brought back memories. This trailer got me into Explosions in the Sky except at the time I couldn't find who did the song...but I was in maths class one day and Danny Lee started whistling the song and I was like 'OMG..! DO THAT AGAIN. WHISTLE THAT SONG. WHO'S IT BY!?' And the rest is history.

Summer 2010

Ok so I never went on holiday or got any sun but this summer has surprisingly flew by even though Dario says the opposite.

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Michael Cera Acting School

Just saw this on Dario's blog, made me laugh. I still love Michael Cera though.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Deformed duck

Spielberg is a Legend

ET, Hook, Catch Me If You Can, Jaws, Jurassic Park...I'm yet to watch Duel.

10 things to put on your blog to make up for not blogging a bit.

(Taken from John Goddards blog Content Flavoured Trousers)

1. A pretty damn good excuse I hope for your sake young man

2. Something really zietgeisty like a penetrating article about that Tippex digital thing everyone's wah wah wah wah-ing over

3. £20 Argos voucher for every reader

4. A few dark secrets

5. Range of mugs to commemorate the hiatus like

6. Sneak preview of "Russ Abbott's Nut Allergy Balloon Diary"

7. Some other crap I've been working on

8. A sexy ghost story

9. Exclusive extracts from my shocking new album

10. The ability to vote for one of the above in the Comments section


Yesterday I took part in the Seat Sex Drive at Prodrive Race Course in Kennilworth. The event was basically a way for Seat to promote their cars and the brand by getting people to partake in a boys vs girls race car challenge. Initially I thought it would be a bit naff but it turned out to be way better than I expected. Seat really put a lot of money into this one!

So what did I have to do? Well, I decided to challenge my good friend Tom Wood. We turned up there at half 8 for registration where we were given our own racing tops (Seat sponsored of course, as was everything) and sat down to a lovely full english breakfast. The mix of fellow competitors there was quite interesting, a lot of them older and proper petrol heads. A lot of them already had a Seat too! We were then briefed about the day ahead and introduced to our team captains! Vicki-Butler Henderson and Emma Willis for the girls and Jonny Smith and Jack Osbourne for the boys! I really didn't think the presenters would be there for the filmed auditions. We were then split into 3 groups and went our separate ways to start our first task.....PITSTOP CHALLENGE.

This was really interesting...4 cars...dismantled...teams of 5 still boys vs girls. Task: Put the car back together in under an hour. You were given a manual and 3 joker cards which meant if you were stuck or needed to buy time you could use these to get the technicians to help you for 3minutes only. Of course the girls lost this one but it was SUCH FUN! Had to fit brakes, tyres, lights, roof rack, fuses, window wipers and even a baby seat! You then had to drive out the garage to prove the car didn't fall apart. We still managed to be the best girl team of the last 2 days by completing it in 32mins. The last joker card we had was used to make the technician to press ups!

Then came a tasty lunch and our second task. Possibly my favourite one as I'm bit of a reckless driver....GLADIATOR ARENA. I was really impressed with this one as we had one car to two people and different (fit) instructors so there was no waiting around. Prodrive had set up a giant skid pad with sprinklers making it nice and slippy!!! Here we had to practise things like j-turns, avoiding obstacles (inflatable cars) at high speeds and doing handbrake turns in donuts. AMAZING! Well chuffed about learning j-turns shame I can't do them in my own car! This was also a really good way to get a feel of the Seat cars themselves and I definitely came away wanting one. Wish I got some photos though!

Last Challenge: COPS & ROBBERS. A coach picked us up from the stunt driving and dropped us off a a very bendy race track where we were greeted by 2 Seat cars made to look like cop cars and a getaway car with 2 professional race drivers dressed up as criminals. Our challenge was to, in pairs, chase the robbers around the track, pick up any of their swag bags they had threw out the window and beat them back to the finish line. They made it trickier by making us swap over drivers half way through and avoiding obstacles like a baby's pram. Definitely the best challenge of the day for getting your adrenaline going! I only wish we could of had another lap! Sadly, me and my partner lost my about a second to the robbers but Tom successfully did it the jammy sod! At the end of the day the judges/instructors added up points according to how well tasks were completed and picked 4 pairs out of the 50 that were there to go through to the next round. Unfortunately neither me or Tom made it but we had a bloody good time and learnt a few tricks along the way. 10/10!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Yes! My first bit of abuse!

WHO'S GETTING POPULAR!? Ha unfortunately it wasn't to was to some guy who commented on a previous post...COMMENT WARS! Pure jokes! I'm getting some extremist religious people reading my blog....

'your a loser get a fuckin life!
Christians are so boring......
repent infidel, islam is the only true religion!

Chill out mate. Here's the old post if you're interested: BAM

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Plateau - FREE FONT!

It's not very often I put up my own design work on here. All I've posted about recently is cars and cameras. Boring! But this time I'm giving away a little freebie...aren't I lovely!? This is a typeface I developed called Plateau, aptly named after its flat form. It was intended to be a text face but because of the strong design elements within it, would sit more comfortably as a display face. Now don't get too excited. Unfortunately it only comes in lowercase (minus a letter 'P') and the kerning is slightly off. But I'm more than happy to let people use it. (What would be really nice, would be if you could send me a pic of the context you used it in.) So if you would like this free download just click ----HERE----

Below is a selection of the material I used to promote my typeface which included a booklet on how it was made. (All from painstaking hand drawing!)

*Next week...NIK NAK GIVEAWAY!!!*

Friday, 10 September 2010

b+w expired film continued...

Got this developed for free off Silas because it turned out so bad with lots of lights leaks etc. Lesson of the day: Never use 20 year old expired film for important photography projects. Here's a couple of the ones that just about turned out.

LOL!!! Cheers Dario for sending me this...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wed, 8th Sep 2010

Here was me thinking I'd buy a book to kill any summer boredoms but I haven't even had chance to start it yet. Today involved going to Uxbridge and back for shits n gigs and to pick up a friend. (insert bevs in-joke here) Myself and Tom also got through to the Seat Sex Drive filmed auditions so that's gonna be awesommmeee getting to rag cars around a race track!!! :D Oh and I'll be starting some new work very soon and attending London Fashion Weekend, get in!

Saw one of these as well today.....mmmmm.....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

snippet of my summer (b+w)

Developed these negs today...the film is proper old, kodak tri-x pan from the 80s so they turned out pretty rubbish a lot of them, proper grainy but I just wanted to test the film out. More to possibly come if I can print out some better ones. Been taking a lot more photos recently which has been keeping me happy but I actually want to do a pre planned shoot for once instead of random pictures. Any suggestions? hmmm...

Saturday, 4 September 2010


So I get home after a fabulous time in London (big thanks to Sydney and the people at Hat-Trick) and what do I find in my room? Not one, but TWO of these bad boy spy zenits!!!
Also, my brother crashed the first car I learnt to drive in. Good and bad times!


Thursday, 2 September 2010