Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bloc tv

Monsieur Marmite

Last night myself, the copywriter I work with and my boyfriend decided to take part in the Vimeo Weekend Project. Task? To make a 1-3min cooking show. But with it being Monday already and the weekend technically over, we had until 4am to script, shoot, edit and upload a movie. Easy! Or so we thought. It never crossed my mind that my boyfriend would have trouble remembering lines or that my housemates would walk through every 5 minutes or that I'd be so terrible at pulling focus! Or that I'd piss myself laughing and ruin every take. Due to tiredness, hunger and sanity I had to stop being a perfectionist so that we could get it done. Gutted then when I woke up and the server said it had crashed as it was uploading. It never made the deadline but it taught me how NOT to make a movie. Enjoy.


Friday, 25 March 2011

Lil Hennessy dropping beats

 VELVET by Samnsc

books turn me on

My 2 recent purchases which are worth every (Amazon) penny :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

What time is it?

I don't eat the ends of bananas...that's where the spider eggs are.

marriage FAIL

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I do. It needs to happen more often.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Fav Blog?


Nuneaton Come Dine With Me!

Watched this last night and it was actually hilarious. Think I found it more funny because the people on it were representing my home town....the winner just so happened to be a jolly gay male white witch who had never tried a strawberry and cried at dead cat ashes. Standard.

*update! The balding guy DIDN'T win as Dario corrected me, he came last! woops! I was so blinded by his infectious and lovely persona that he was a winner in my eyes.

More Bloc (but only a little)




Iphone fail

Wasn't even drunk when I did this. Jumped on Dario for a piggyback and my phone fell out my pocket. I only had the phone a few weeks and cancelled the insurance. Bummmmmmerrrrrr. Fortunately a lovely person at Apple sorted me out with a brand new iphone yesterday :D BIG, BIG THANK YOUS!

Some nice presents from Fal

Darios birthday letterpress to me :)

I was given this lovely little publication called 'AND' by student Emma 
Talbot. Nicely designed and some interesting articles on the thought 
and form of design.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Lacoste Lookbook SS'11

Fresh clothes for this seasons new Lacoste collection. Take a peek...

actually love this..... (So cold in the D)




Falmouth weekend

Had a wonderful time going down for the Falmouth graduate talk to all the first, second and third years. Hopefully they went away with SOME half decent advice! (Mainly off Tom Wood rather than  myself) Got to see lots of lovely people, meet new ones and also get very drunk. I STILL have to upload Bloc pics, the video from Charlottes bike ride weekend as well as this weekends adventure....hold in there xxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I had an absolutely wicked time at Bloc festival. Only just recovered....didn't take many pics I was having too much fun but I might get round to putting some up.

The last night was a Heroes & Villains themed night and me and Jenny went dressed up as speed cameras and got snapped in the top ten fancy dress and a chance to win BLOC TICKETS FOR 2012!

BUT....In order to win we need people to 'like' our pic on the Bloc facebook page. We are currently in second place and DESPERATELY need your votes....we have until Sunday I think. Only thing that might put you off is that you have to like the Bloc facebook page but once the comp is over you can easily unlike this. I'm asking anyone that reads my blog (or doesn't for that matter) to PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE FOR US HERE! :)


Or just search Bloc if that's not working. If we do end up winning I promise to do a SPECIAL post on here and even a giveaway! :D

model shoot

Old film (xmas and new years eve)

Here's a couple of pics taken on my old pentax. The first two are at Bev's house when we were picking her up to go to Falmouth for New Year. The car never made the journey so it's probably one of the last pics of it alive before I sold it :( sad times. Needless to say we made it there and back and had a good old laugh. Three of my favourite people right here. Especially loving Dario's football manager coat.

The second two pics were a completely spontaneous night. My friend Charlotte came to visit and I hardly ever get to see her so it was special enough in itself but that night we decided to give our other friend Mike a surprise visit. (He's in a good band y'know click HERE to be infiltrated by this shameless plugging) Anyway, we rang him and he said he was busy having just got back from Leeds and spending family time. But we ignored that and found whatever was lying around in my brothers cupboard (a Bin Laden mask, snorkel, santa hat, Slash wig) and drove 20mph down scary country lanes in the snow and made prank calls and snow angels outside his house. That's true love that is. He came out and we frolicked in the graveyard and pub. The pictures are absolutely rubbish but they tell a story and they'll help me remember good times with good people. <3

my little brother made an animation...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Gone to Bloc

Back soon :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's my birthday...

...so I thought I'd commemorate this with some piccies of last years birthday party. It's a shame all my friends aren't in one place :(